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Invisible contest: The submarine cat-and-mouse game (1 Viewer)

Rogue Valley

Lead or get out of the way
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Apr 18, 2013
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Invisible contest: The submarine cat-and-mouse game

The United States and NATO have the most advanced submarines and surveillance equipment in the world. But as Russian technology rapidly improves, the Western underwater lead is shrinking. The US is concerned, and keeps a particularly close eye on what happens in the waters off Norway’s coast.


Russian diesel-electric attack submarine “Rostov-na-Donu” (Rostov on the Don)
Just the background drummer beating to the rythm of Mo' Money for the Military Industrial Corporate Complex that Eisenhower warned us about. Fear, paranoia, confusion, demonization and you can fight it all with just another pile of billion dollar debt. Yes indeedy, don't look behind the screen or talk about the strings.
Given the Russian resurgence and renewed belligerence, given the very quite diesel electrics operating in littoral waters that many nations are now fielding as their entry into submarine fleets, not sure if it's all "Fear, paranoia, confusion, demonization" (sic).

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