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Intruder arrested at military base w/ explosives in truck (1 Viewer)


Oct 19, 2009
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Civilian arrested at military base with possible explosives - CNN.com

(CNN) -- Military police at Fort Gordon, near Augusta, Georgia, have arrested a civilian for impersonating a soldier after "possible grenades" were found in his vehicle on base, a base spokesman said early Wednesday.

The Fort Gordon and Richmond County bomb squads were called to a remote location on the base after a search of the vehicle the man had been driving uncovered "several possible grenades" and other "militarylike" items, according to Buz Yarnell, a base spokesman. The FBI is leading the investigation, he said.

Authorities believe the man may have been involved in earlier thefts of military equipment at Fort Gordon, Yarnell said.
"Possible" grenades? Are they really that hard to identify? :p

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