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Interventionism Left and Right

Cold Highway

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May 30, 2007
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When conservatives suggest that we should apply free-market solutions to financial crises, liberals dismiss those who make such proposals as libertarian wackos who don’t realize that it was the lack of government regulation that led to such problems in the first place. This is similar to the claim many conservatives make concerning foreign policy, that if the U.S. does not lob bombs into certain third world countries indefinitely, station troops in some Mideast sandpit for decades on end–basically regulate the world stage–our refusal to do all this would somehow put the U.S. at risk. When someone like yours truly points out that we have problems like Islamic terrorism precisely because of our constant government intervention, many on the Right can’t fathom this being true–though they immediately recognize and rail against the dangers of such government intervention, domestically.

Im really beginning to like the magazine. Hunter nails hypocrisy of those who bitch about government involvement in one area then support the same thing they bitch about but only in another area that they like. The "DERP they hate our freedoms" argument is getting old and stale.

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