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Internet Regulations?

Should Internet Downloading be Legal for copywrited material?

  • Yes, it should be legal

    Votes: 7 70.0%
  • No, It should be illegal, in every way

    Votes: 3 30.0%

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Sep 21, 2005
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Eagle River, Alaska
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Im proposing a question. You all have heard this and most likely formed an opinion on either side of the arguement.

Should information (things such as mp3's, programs, movies, ect) be illegal to download without proper rights to?

Ive heard the argument that whatever is on the internet is free, that is what the internet was designed for. Though, just as any business or artist, no matter how much money they have obtained, should be illegal to download without proper restrictions (i.e. iTunes). Its the same thing as walking into a shop and grabbing something off the shelf and walking out.. I do not see a difference.. Though, i may be a little hypocritical, becuase in the past, i have downloaded an ungodly amount of mp3's and movies!
sorry, i kind of screwed up the options... the first is to make it legal, the second is to make it illegal

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I think the responsibility lies with the companies (that sell those cheap disks of plastic for a price that would give Satan a hardon) to find a way to stop that from happening. I know with programs it's possible, although I'm not so sure about music. I think it should be legal: The people that make and sell this "music"(music, in Green Dayian terms, means a loosly-arranged mixture of power chords and other loud noises) make absolutely terrifying amounts of money, even with all this music being "stolen". Maybe they could bump up sales by reducing CD prices so that they don't require a third mortgage on your house (if you even have a house at that point).
The problem with music is that there are lots and lots of bands and labels that don't make money. I'm not overly bothered either way if someone downloads a song by Metallica or U2, but it annoys the heck out of me when people do the same to bands that aren't quite breaking even. If you place the responsibility on the company, you end up with the same problem. Only those who are signed on major labels would get any protection because others wouldn't be able to afford it.

In general, if you are downloading a copy of something from anyone other than a licensed distributor, there is a copyright violation. I really don't see how you could argue otherwise.
I believe there is a valid argument for the free sharing of music. I've talked to less known artists who appreciate the fact that individuals spread music and make their music more known. I still believe the majority of money made by musicians is through touring.
Well if the software manufacturers, MPAA, RIAA, didn't make it so easy to disable their "Anti-Piracy" software, that would solve alot of their worries! But these days, it only takes a few minutes of your time to pirate something, and less than that to share it on the internet. But their are also technicalities to using this system! Alot of the Piracy websites are not located in the USA, thus US law does not apply. So any regulation done in the US only applies to US citizens. While the rest of the world "Legally" can have whatever they want off of the internet.
It probably should be illegal but I hope it won't ever be because those greedy assholes will try and sell a 13 cut cd for 20 bucks, which sucks. You should at least be able to try it out before forking over money. I mean when I dl music, I never dl the whole alblum but rather I download one or two songs to see if its any good.
Just as when we copy a book, we're allowed to do that for personal use. The same is true of the Internet and things on it. It's when we attempt to make money off of someone else's idea or work that it becomes illegal (or when we thwart their right to make money from their work).
I find many of the things Microsoft does to secure their software useless, because then contradict themselves in the corporate environment. Such as Microsoft's "setup software" with deploys the windows installation with the Lisence key intacted. Also the Windows CD includes the files to disable the "Activation" protection feature. So now all you have to do now is make an image of the Windows installation, AND SHARE!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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