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Internalized Oppression and violence among black male youth


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Jun 25, 2013
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During the discussions surrounding the George Zimmerman trial I have tried to make the point that damage is done to any group of individuals self image by oppressors especially when that oppression is generational. That those negative beliefs about who someone is and what they are capable or incapable of gets folded into the culture and these individuals will then tend to "act out" based on this negative self image.

Here is a definition and my sources-

Internalized oppression (also called “self-hate”) is when a member of an oppressed group believes and acts out the stereotypes created about their group.
Internalized Oppression and its Impact on Social Change | Allison Jones

In sociology, and in psychology, there is a current theory about behavior by marginalized groups, called internalized oppression.

"In sociology and psychology, internalized oppression is the manner in which an oppressed group comes to use against itself the methods of the oppressor. For example, sometimes members of marginalized groups hold an oppressive view toward their own group, or start to believe in negative stereotypes of themselves.
Internalized Oppression

There was a study done attempting to isolate the connection between violence among black male youth and internalized oppression:

Abstract: African American Male Youth Violence and Internalized Racism (Research that Promotes Sustainability and (re)Builds Strengths (January 15 - 18, 2009))

With all the talk about violence by young black males I thought this would make an interesting discussion.
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