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Indiana Primary Results Thread

the GF and i voted.
This is another state similar to Pennsylvania in that each district is its own election although different in that its open vs closed. the winner take all for the overall state will count for the at large delegates and then each district will be a winner take all on a individual district basis.
Early in Trump is whooping Ted's hindquarters.
5% in Trump 53%, Cruz 33%
Remember, as Terre Haute goes, so goes the nation!
54% - 32% Trump taking it by 20 points
From NYT?

Yes, just now and CNN earlier

Looking like Trump may sweep Indiana.

CNN reporting from the Cruz silent rally/mourning party - Cruz lowering expectations for tonight.

The most conservative counties coming in for Trump.
I'd be surprised if both of these aren't called at exactly 6:00 when the polls close.
CNN just announced for Trump, democrat race too close to call

Called for Trump at the poll close by MSNBC!

Only 7% in!

We're talking landslide! :shock:
Aside: statistically that used to be the case for Missouri. They lost that honor over the past several cycles after binging on red Kool-Aid, though.
You are definitely correct!

Missouri was the nation's bellwither of Presidential contents.
2.75% reporting, Jeb (530) and Carson (534) battling it out for fourth
CNN has 14% Trump 54%, Cruz 34%
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