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India plane crash in Mangalore leaves about 160 dead


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May 14, 2009
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India plane crash in Mangalore leaves about 160 dead

A plane has crashed on landing in the southern Indian city of Mangalore, with about 160 people feared dead.

Air India Express said there were eight survivors among the 160 passengers and six crew on board its plane.

Airline officials said the plane overshot the hilltop runway as it tried to land and burst into flames in a forested valley beyond.

The plane, a Boeing 737-800, was arriving from Dubai, with many Indian workers among the passengers.
Difficult access India map

The airline said the plane overshot the runway as it came into land at about 0600 (0030 GMT) and crashed into a valley.

Pre-monsoon rains were repored to be falling at the time.

Mangalore airport is located at the top of a hill with a forested valley at the end of the runway. Analysts say it presents challenges for pilots.

TV pictures showed rescue workers and local villagers scrambling on steep hillsides to search the smoking wreckage.

A Mangalore police official told the BBC that smoke from the crash site had made it difficult for rescue workers to gain access to the plane.

Mangalore police superintendent Subramaneshwar Rao, said: "Chances [of finding many survivors ] are very bleak as most of the plane has been burnt out."

"As far as the information available with us is concerned, eight persons were rescued and shifted to local hospitals in Mangalore for treatment," Air India official Anup Shrivasta told reporters.

Of the eight survivors, one had already been discharged, two or three were being treated for minor injuries and another three had serious injuries, the airline said.

Twenty-five bodies had been recovered.

BBC News - India plane crash in Mangalore leaves about 160 dead
What an awful disaster.

I don't know if it's just me but I can't recall so many plane crashes occurring during the previous decade.
And to think, I am in the process of proposing and arranging a trip to take students to Mumbai in December....

Don't fly on a cheap(er) airline. I suggest a airline that would satisfy your students on a seemingly long journey... like Emirates.
Still safer that driving, especially driving in India. 160 deaths in one day is news, 320 deaths in as many days is a statistic.
Acro statics

Liste des décès par année

Acro list by year of the accidents Air craft accidents

Not many during the last admiration? :rofl

2001= 200 accidents
2002=185 accidents
2003=199 accidents
2004=172 accidents
2005=185 accidents
2006=166 accidents
2007=147 accidents
2008=156 accidents

And who can't recall the biggest one that happened in 2001 :doh

Ludahai I would suggest you check with Air company safety records in that area you are going too.


This is very tragic, and my deepest condolences to the families.
And who can't recall the biggest one that happened in 2001 :doh
That was not an aircraft "accident".

And I believe I was referring to the 1991-2000 decade.
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