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Incredibly bizarre/vivid, but hilarious, dream

I was originally going to post a status about this, but decided to write a note about it because it really can't be summed up properly. In the dream, Nintendo came out with a new Wii accessory called the Wii-Chair. It was built for people who are handicapped. People across the country were outraged at Nintendo for coming up with something like this. In my dream, the ads for this thing looked very close to what I recreated below. I remember being blown away by how tacky it was. There was even a commercial for it showing Mario in a wheelchair saying "I'ma handicapped!" It came with two games, one was called Handicapp'd which was similar to Grand Theft Auto. The object of that game was to try and get a handicapped parking space by any means necessary before they were all taken up. Then there was a Legend of Zelda game where you, as Link, get crippled and cart around Hyrule in a wheelchair fighting bad guys. There was even a wheelchair version of Mario Kart. Here is what the ad kind of looked like in my dream.


Then parents were complaining because their kids wanted to buy this thing even though they weren't handicapped. Nintendo shot back by saying that it was a good thing because it was bridging the gap between the handicapped and the non-handicapped. According to them it was also helping kids know what it was like to be handicapped so that they could empathize more. Finally, Nintendo caved to the pressure and decided that it would only be made available to handicapped people and one would have to provide proof of this when purchasing one. So, due to this, kids across the country started trying to get paralyzed so that they could purchase this accessory.
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