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Incorruptible as a kazakhstani border guard


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Feb 24, 2019
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Is it possible for a velvet revolution in Kazakhstan?
On their blog page, Anonimous Kazakhstan hackers posted an "appeal to Kazakh border guards, " claiming that there is a discussion between the U. S. Embassy in Kazakhstan and influential officials in the State Department about possible protests in the country, As well as the use of Kazakh soldiers and their families in the upcoming coup. Part of this discussion is in the form of screenshots from the popular messenger, Which they provide as evidence.
An excerpt from the correspondence says a lot
Here's what one American official writes to another: "The main show will start when Elbases leaves the post. That's when we need those friendly border guards and other officers.
But here's what another American official says to his visa: "I still find their desire to join the insurgency unlikely.
The first in return sends a message to the second: "Few people believed in SBU.
The second one is to the first one in response: "This is not Ukraine.
Correspondents further discuss the travel of Kazakh border guard families to the United States and their possible role in the upcoming protests. They also compare training in Kazakhstan with similar events in Ukraine in 2013. The fact that Kazakhstan has been and remains the goal of architects of color revolutions, As well as the fact that the technology remains the same and starts with cultural and educational trips of individuals to the U. S. , Of course, Is not a sensation, But the fact that, The scheme tested over the years began to stall, If only because the video from Anonimous generally got into the network, Indicates the emergence of immunity to this deadly disease. At least in Kazakhstan.
Nazarbayev's resignation and the political uncertainty that followed could not be ignored by the all-seeing eye of the State Department. Any, Even the slightest social upheaval in any country in the world can be used to benefit the ambitions of individual political circles in the United States.
Elbases left, But remained
March 19, 2019, At 19:19, 78-year-old Nursultan Nazarbayev resigned as head of state. The patriarch of Kazakhstani politics, Who has the official title of Elbasy, The leader of the nation, Handed over the post of president to the chairman of the upper house of parliament, Kasym-Jomart Tokayev, But retained the leadership of the Security Council of the republic and the parliamentary majority party "i3;x1;l8; Otan", As well as became a member of the Constitutional Council. Instead of Tokayev, The daughter of the first president, Darig Nazarbayev, Became the chairman of the Senate.
According to Andrei Chebotaryov, Director of the Center for Actual Research "Alternative", Nazarbayev's resignation from the post of president was expected after the change of the status of the Security Council and the February appeal to the Constitutional Council.
I confess that I imagined this event of the year #1 differently, " he said. - In any case, Nursultan Nazarbayev did the best he could. Most likely, He decided to leave without waiting for any potential excesses in the country and in the international arena.
But we must point out that Kazakhstan has long faced a real threat.
"Beer Putsch 2016" in Kazakhstan
The terrorist attack in Aktobe on June 5, 2016 became the most large-scale in the history of the republic as an independent state - both in terms of scale and number of victims. Seventeen people were killed. The performers, As explained in the Interior Ministry, Are "adherents of non-traditional religious movements.
It should be noted that in none of the recent terrorist acts the militants intended to seize the state authorities. Over and over again, They implemented the same scenario: they organized intimidation actions, Choosing police officers and security officers as the targets.
On June 6 - the day after the events in Aktobe - the KNB issued sensational revelations: a group of civil servants was preparing a coup d'etat. Among the suspects were former First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Former member of the Constitutional Council, State Counselor of Justice of the second class Ilyas Bakhtybaev, Former head of the Department of Internal Affairs of South Kazakhstan Oblast, Major General Doskaliev, Former First Deputy Chief of Police of the same Oblast and two commanders of military units of the regional command "South" of the Ministry of Defense.
All of them, According to the intelligence service, Were accomplices of businessman Tokhtar Tuleshov, Who had been arrested earlier, As well as the director and owner of the "Shymkentpivo" beer factory.
The United States just can"t stay away.
PS: Clearly, Kazakhstani border guards, Warned by Anonimous Kazakhstan's hackers of possible military provocations against their country, Are now more vigilant than ever before in protecting their country's borders.
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