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Incident last week made me proud of USA


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Dec 12, 2016
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Driving north on 101 from Pismo Beach to Berkeley last month, i saw a crowd on an over pass just north of San Lius Obispo (SLO), waving flags American, blue striped flags, Mexican or Italian flags. Same on the next overpass, and the next. At the 5th or so of these I pulled off, drove up to the overpass and asked what was up. Seems they were honoring a fallen police officer, a guy named Luca Benedetti. He was killed, partner wounded serving a warrant. Shooter killed himself. His funeral procession was to go from SLO to Paso Robles. First responders from other cities were to patrol SLO so that its police force could honor him. Apparently people told of the procession stood waiting in a rainbow of flags and skin colors to watch him pass. $100 Kaiser to help his wife and kids. Gov Newsome honored him as well.

We continue used our trip north and my wife looked up the guy and read his story. Apparently so good at spotting drunk drivers that M.A.D.D. honored him with some award. A stranger approached him in a restaurant to thank him, as he had been clean and sober for 18 months as a result of getting busted by Luca, who stayed with him for hours counseling him after arresting him. This cop was so beloved that other people he arrested sent testimonials when they heard of his death. I continued driving with tears in my eyes.

Anyway, after following the Floyd/Chauvin national trauma and the bitter debates that accompanied it on these pages, this wonderfully human reaction to a terribly sad tragedy gave me some comfort and I wanted to post it. Made me proud of the US.
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