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In own country Belarusian President, A. Lukashenko, is known as “Papa” – but to many



In own country Belarusian President, A. Lukashenko, is known as “Papa” – but to many abroad he is known as “Europe’s Last Dictator”, says the worldwide English-speaking TV-channel “Russia Today” («Russia Today»: Belarusian President Lukashenko – Europe’s last dictator - Charter'97 :: News from Belarus - Belarusian News - Republic of Belarus - Minsk). And I’d find difficulty to quarrel with the facts, unmasked Lukashenko’s policy of double standards towards his close neighbors there. See for yourself!
At first Mr. Lukashenko tried to develop friendly relations with Russia, but when it became unprofitable to him, namely, after his positions were greatly shaken by heavy economic and financial crisis in Belarus, he began flirting with us, Europeans, in the hope to gain more financial and economic preferences from the EU than from Moscow. And there will be no surprise for me at all if one day we, Lukashenko’s current sponsors, find ourselves on the list of his top foes. Simply we won’t be able to be equal to Lukashenko’s financial expectations, pals! Maybe, it is enough to hope against hope in Lukashenko’s Belarus and believe in his empty promises to advance democratic reforms there. Our EU leaders must stop making our money fly, investing them in such prospectless programs of the EU as, for instance, Eastern Partnership. It is nonsense to hope for victory of real democracy in Belarus till such old fox as A. Lukashenko is in power there!


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Re: In own country Belarusian President, A. Lukashenko, is known as “Papa” – but to m

So if you ever do get what you imagine to be Democracy, within 6 years of achieving that much desired form of Government, I predict large sections of your population will be openly calling for a return to your existing type of government.

Remember the Russian call for 'Democracy'? look at them now, well on their way back to having a STALINIST type of Government under Putin and his KGB.
Be very careful what you wish for, because what you get is rarely what you wanted.
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