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Feb 5, 2006
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His name is Johnny Isakson.
He’s one of the two Senators from Georgia.
Nearly everywhere his name is mentioned his publicist pops in a note about his being a Sunday School Teacher.
It makes him look good.
He likes folks to think of him as a good old boy.
Just an everyday normal American - you know, like the rest of us.
He’s got what appears to be a good old American name, don’t he?
Well - Isakson.
I’ve read his daddy was born in Sweden.
That don’t sound right.
There’s one of those fake family crest web sites that tells us this about the surname Isakson.
They say the name came out of England but that just ain’t so.
Seems the name came out of Norway.
Who knows?
They connect the Isaacs who finally showed up in Savannah with the last name Isakson - but it’s just not clear how they made that jump. Wishful thinking maybe.
Isakson seems to be a Norwegian name.
I haven’t been able to find out any complete historical data on Senator Isakson except that he is a Sunday School Teacher and a Real Estate Salesman from way back.
I’m thinking it’s kind of odd that a man like Isakson with what seems to be a lack of biographical information should be introducing legislation into the United States Senate to keep others from coming to America.
He just sponsored legislation to “provide increased manpower, equipment and technology to secure the U.S. border and stop the influx of illegal immigration.” (That quote is from his web site.)
What’s going on here?
Well, there was a man in Norway during World War 2 whose name was Quisling.
He didn’t like certain people living in Norway and joined forces with the Nazis to overthrow his own government.
He became the leader of the only political party by the Nazis and became Premier in 1942.
He retained power until May, 1945, when he was arrested, convicted of treason and shot.
His name became a word - quisling. It means traitor.
A traitor is someone who pretends to be one thing but is actually another.
There is a man by the name of Jeff Hook.
He writes for a newspaper
The newspaper is called ‘The Truth At Last’.
They like men like Senator Johnny Isakson.
Senator Isakson recently traveled two thousand and ninety-five mils to San Diego, California and to remote Fort Huachuca in Arizona where he met with folks concerned about illegal immigration.
He wants to spend 1 billion dollars to address his pet project.
I don’t know if it’s the same Jeff Hook as the Jeff Hook that writes for the ’The Truth At Last’ but a fellow by the name of Jeff Hook is recorded at Opensecrets.org as having given $250 dollars to Senator Johnny Isakson for his campaign.
Jeff Hook of ‘The Truth At Last’ helped write a little story about Harriet Miers. The story is titled, ‘Who is Harriet Miers? Bush nominee received awards from anti-White groups’.
Another writer at ‘The Truth At Last’ is M. Patrick.
Again, I can’t be clear if it is the same person or not - it might be coincidence - but there are two M. Patrick’s stating that they gave money to Johnny Isakson but their addresses are recorded as being in Georgia and the writer seems to write as if that M. Patrick is in Washington State.
Of the 2 M. Patricks in Georgia one is recorded as a Real Estate Broker and gave the money to Johnny Isakson while the other seemed to be some sort of employee of the Isakson campaign and that money went to another Republican.
‘The Truth At Last’ has an address of :
The Truth At Last
PO Box 1211
Marietta GA 30061

They have a website at :
Both www.stormfront.org and http://www.finalsolution88.com/ proudly link to the National Vanguard.
He may not be directly connected with White Supremacist groups but they certainly seem to like the sounds he is making.
Those sounds - which might sound reasonable are filled with what seems to be a squeaking betrayal to this nation and to his own parents who worked and slaved so hard to give him the opportunities he has.
He seems intent, like so many others, on closing the borders of this great nation.
He seems to want to keep their hands off it - but what?
What is he really protecting?
Elections are now the way he makes his living.
As the American economy erodes and the Republicans continue to provide us with War, Unemployment and Debt immigrants are an easy mark.
Especially immigrants who aren’t white or who don’t speak English as a first language.
Georgia is a mighty far piece from Arizona, California and Texas but men like Johnny Isakson seem to feel right at home butting into their business.
Johnny Isakson has been quoted as saying this, “You know they say the most dangerous person of the world is a member of the United States Congress just home from a three-day fact-finding trip.”
Just what sort of future does a man like Johnny Isakson have in the United States of America?
Why should his future be any more important than any other American willing to sacrifice their time, energy, soul and work to build a better life for themselves and their families?
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