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Imagine Gen. Macarthur & Patton in Iraq?

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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Why they would probably be indicted for killing the enemy, ..IF the 'left' had anything to do about it!

I suspect they are probably rolling in their graves at such thoughts of accusing our own soldiers of atrocity, ..or for not trying to justify terror behavior as "america's own fault" etc.

Winning the war would have been their only goal, & not giving a damn what the media, or the rest of the world has to say about it.

They probably would have also ended the existence of Al Jazeera too, ..which probably wouldn't have been a terribly bad idea anyway.

In today's world they both would have probably been railroaded right out of the military by the PC people so we could have another stalemate as in Korea, or self imposed defeat like Viet-Nam! :roll:
I suspect they'd've told the WH to get stuffed for sending them to their job w/o enough troops or supplies.
I think they would have been spelling out what was necessary to win this thing.

1) You go in with overwhelming force and take out the organized army.

2) You disarm everybody except allied military and those you are training to take over security.

3) You put all the terrorists, insurgents, or anti-freedom fighters on notice: shoot at any allied or Iraqi security forces, and whatever structure you are in will be obliterated with you in it.

4) You go through the streets with loudspeakers, drop pamphlets, or whatever it takes to get the words out to the citizenry: If you have a terrorist in your neighborhood, you better deal with him or get out of the house or mosque or whatever, because it will be obliterated. If you tell us the terrorist is there, we'll compensate you for your loss. If you decide to protect the terrorist, it will be your loss.

5) All vehicles other than allied vehicles and those commandeered by Iraqi security forces will be parked 1000 feet from any structure or group of people. Any who attempt to approach a structure or group of people will be obliterated.

6) Any vehicles entering Iraq without express permission of allied forces or Iraqi security will be turned back.

7) Anti-war protesters would be told to shut up while we had boots on the ground in harms way.

8) Once the enemy is destroyed or gives up, you turn the keys over to the duly elected Iraqi government to put whatever new laws they wish into effect, and you go home.

Some of these tactics would have angered some. They would have gotten over it.

Had this been implemented from the beginning, countless American lives and Iraqi lives would have been saved and we would have been out of there a year ago. Why wasn't it? Because of an ill conceived plan by a few generals and Donald Rumsfield who thought surgical strikes would accomplish the goal, and cowardice that caved in to the prevailing misguided and misdirected political correctness mentality that is prominent these days.
Neither one of them would be able to handle it. They were not poticitcans they were not trained in Counter insurgency warfare. World war 2 anologies NEVER WORK. There is NOTHING similar to modern events and World War 2. Its completely different.
Patton would probably run into an IUD, I mean, IED, given his driving record.

And McCarthur would be getting along with GW worse than he got along with Truman.
Those men were born at the turn of the century trying to concive of them even living in modern times is difficult. Fightiing a war..no way. especialy not some ill managed jerkoff in a third rate toilet. Korea was bad enough and that drove MacArthur to the brink. He would snap for sure if he saw Vietnam or Iraq.
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