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Illinois Town Wants To Outlaw Eye-Rolling

The Giant Noodle

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Mar 22, 2010
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Northern Illinois
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Can you IMAGINE this bull****!?!??
This is BY FAR the DUMBEST thing Ive seen the WHOLE YEAR!!!!

Next time you're in line at the grocery store and you roll your eyes at the person with two carts full of items refusing to leave the 10-items-or-fewer line, you might be in trouble with the law -- at least if you live in Elmhurst, Illinois. Officials of the Chicago suburb are looking into finding a way of putting an end to the practice by legal means.
The idiocy stems from a recent city council meeting where an Elmhurst resident was ejected from the room after rolling her eyes in reaction to something that was said by a council member.
Members of the Elmhurst city council have asked the City Attorney to look into the creation of a "disturbance and disorderly conduct" violation and to see if eye-rolling could somehow be shoehorned into its definition.
Illinois state law defines disorderly conduct is "an act in such unreasonable manner as to alarm or disturb another, or to provoke a breach of the peace."

CONTINUED: Illinois Town Wants To Outlaw Eye-Rolling - The Consumerist

and http://triblocal.com/Elmhurst/detail/197722.html
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Ahh, disorderly conduct. The government's loophole for the First Amendment.
what a good idea :roll:

HEY! Youre rolling your EYES! Thats disrespectful!!! :naughty
Here is a $50 fine! Never roll your eyes at me again..... even though I deal with the public.... an eyeroll is too much for me.... so overtly sensitive as to compromise my emotional health dealing with the PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If an eyeroll deals such a SEVERE blow to their respective seats, I feel that they are unfit for their job positions. Cant deal with the public? Get a different job.
This explains how we got that famous list of "Really Weird Laws" that we always read and chuckle about because we know that nobody enforces them.

You know, like, it being illegal to molest a butterfly in CA. Or sing out of tune in NC, or other retarded ass **** like that you find in the 10 dollar cheezy "Humor" section of your local Barnes and Noble.
I'd love to see how it would be enforced. What bull****. I surprised it's not illegal to fart in your own house. ****ing police state lol.
Yeah, if Alderman Stephen Hipskind can handle eye rolling :roll: then he must be a very emotionally fragile person.
Damn, if eye rolling is a crime, then what is farting? I think I had better stay away from that place.
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