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Ilham Aliev's misfortune.



I think that Ilham Aliev's refusal to cooperate with the US in the war against Iran means the end of his presidency. So to say, he has signed his own death-warrant and will most likely repeat the unenviable fate of Ukraine's ex-president Kuchma who refused likewise to let American troops dislocate at Ukrainian air bases during the Iraq campaign.

After the corresponding information was carefully collected and processed, we arrived at a conclusion that a new velvet revolution was assigned to Soros Liberty Institution that sponsors Forest Brothers guerilla group in Georgia.

The backbone of this illicit armed formation consists of Chechen insurgents with fighting experience who are planned to play the key role in this event and are expected to lead a break-through of Azerbaijani opposition to the presidential palace. It is also planned to unleash discontent of population and Western investors by a series blast attacks against the Azerbaijani part of Baku-Ceyhan pipeline which introduction into service has been delayed scores of times.

It is often said that it is exactly the threat of terror acts that made Aliev to redirect oil flows to Novorossijsk. Anywayz, it is already clear that Baku-Ceyhan pipeline was only a political project, introduced by the US with the only goal - to obtain more political instruments to exert pressure on states of the region.

By the way, Americans are planning to use the inability of Azerbaijan to promote safety of Baku-Ceyhan pipeline as an excuse of dislocate troops in the country allegedly to guard the pipe.
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