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Ignorance is Bliss!?


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Jan 20, 2005
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I wanted to stir up some debate, and the best way to do that with a conservative is to tell the truth. So here it is.

Politics today reveal a frightening story of a major shift of power. Unfortunately, this power shift and the general trend of politics and economics today is ever further to the right. But how have the Republicans gained this power? The whole story is quite interesting. Now we haven't the time to hear it all now, but that's not my goal anyway. My goal is to identify a major (perhaps the major) ally in the conservative fight for power. Its name is anti-intellectualism. Once a product of the far left (the old Great Plains radicals), this fiercesome ideology has shifted its support toward the conservative right. How can we know this? Well just look around you! From the anti-evolutionist movement, to the denial of unrestrained capitalism's effect, to the belief that the Republican party is the true party of "the common man". We see it every day. It is the reason that conservatives think of liberals as "elite". Its why they feel that college professors are all liberal and thus exposing our minds to the poison that is the left. Its why conservatives don't think that the freedom to bear arms leads to more violent crime (guns don't kill people, people kill people; guns are just a convenience). Because of anti-intellectualism, people on the right believe that the USA is experiencing "moral decay". Perhaps worst of all, it is anti-intellectualism that is the cause of a tremendous amount of religious intolerance in the post-9/11 world.

It is real, and frankly, Dems, I don't know how to fight this kind of ignorance.
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