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If you have a blog - please post link here


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May 19, 2004
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Within the next week the look of the forum will change.

  • The "adverts" on the right side will be moved to the right side.
  • Donating members will no longer see the ads and view a full page.
  • Our new header will be added.
  • Hopefully a statistics system will be added.
  • Will be working on a "blog" link for all you bloggers out there. ;)
If you have any suggestions or feedback - as always it is welcome.
Re: Within the next week

wheres the chat room thing?
Re: Within the next week

Click on "User's currently in chat" at the bottom of the front page to get in the chatroom.

I will add the link back to the bar soon... sorry about that.
If you have a blog - please post here

Whomever has a blog site, please post a link to your RSS/XML feed in this thread.

So far on the dev site - it works nicely!

A link and title to your latest blog entry will automatically be pulled. ;)

It will look similar to this (right above your signature).

vauge's latest blog: XYZABC
"Latest blog entries" are now available.

Please see announcement in this forum for more info.
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