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If black lives matter so much, then why do democrats choose illegal aliens over our homeless?

You just know that a thread starting with “if black lives matter” is going to end well.
I’m sure you can point out all the social programs Republicans are offering to the homeless to help them up by their bootstraps.

Tax cuts and payroll tax deferments.
You just know that a thread starting with “if black lives matter” is going to end well.

Add in Twitter as the source and you get a sizable cesspool.

It’s a shame because their really is a good debate to be had on spending funds on people who illegally enter the country and we allow to stay. Versus spending funds on our homeless citizens. But it going happen here.

I agree with the sentiment expressed in the title of the thread, but that's a bare sketch of the subject.

Perhaps you could at least outline or quote the tweet. Some of the forum members don't do facebook or twitter. Or CNN for that matter.

With the bias presented in the administration of all three, they are nothing more than Radical-Left propaganda tools. I don't want to give them revenue/power by visiting their sites.

:popcorn2: (Intentional disaster thread, make a bowl of popcorn and join me.)
Why would black homeless vote for democrats choose illegal aliens over our homeless?
Artificial lures don’t seem to be working maybe it’s time to change up to stink bait.
Right off the bat- not a registered Dem, don't support Pelosi at all. That being said, it's not the Democrats or progressives who "choose" undocumented persons over the black unhoused domestic population. If anything, it's the free market capitalists, by choosing to exploit undocumented workers for cheap, desperate labor rather than providing jobs to the unhoused American citizens, who side with the immigrants over the homeless.
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