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If after 3 years you can't spot the sucker in the room, you are the Trump voter!

Aunt Antifa

Aug 19, 2020
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All of this is so insane and dementia fueled I don't even know what the "campaign" part of his campaign is anymore. Nice slurring too.

Anyway, my fav clip is the one where he whined that he was unable to use AF1 as a prop. The comment really underscores who y'all are to him, and the rest of us after you.

You are all a prop. Just like AF1. He tells you to your face you live to serve for his amusement. He makes sure he is tested, and those who come near him are tested - but YOU pack into spaces and open your months wide and cheer and laugh. Because you are a prop for him. You serve his fantasies.

He's standing there tellin y'all he wishes AF1 could be behind him because of how it would look. Just like tellin ya it's just the flu when he knew it was 5x deadlier, he just wanted to keep yall coming to his rallies. That's it. That's all you are. TDS is ****in real.

PS: I am not one of those panicked suburban women who is afraid President Slurry Strokes is gonna contest ****. He's just telegraphing his concession speech every time he insists it's a rigged election. Not only are y'all suckers, but you think a fat soft rich boy from Manhattan is gonna ball up his tiny soft fists and keep power. I got a wall to sell ya too!
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