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Idiot of the year candidate (1 Viewer)

Kevin Johnson

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Dec 28, 2004
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Springfield, IL
My wife is a customer service rep for Cingular. Last week she took a call from a customer who had purchased one of the Motorola Razr V3 cell phones.

He wanted his money back because he'd had the phone for over a month and still couldn't find the built-in razor to shave with.

If ignorance is bliss, that guy's in paradise.
Hi-yo :lol: That's hilarious.

I remember I was reading a magazine or something and it was showing stupid questions they have recieved from their readers on a variety of issues. Like:

If you are baking a cake and put a teaspoon too much vanilla in. Then how much chocolate would you need to put in the cake to couteract the vanilla.


When it gets hot: people sweet and dogs pant. What do werewolfs do?

Ha! people say some dumb stuff somethings.

Also, I saw this commerical for a special on the holocaust. They were asking high school students what the holocaust was?

The commercial said that 53% of high school students didn't know. With such dumb answers as: A jewish holiday that is celebrated around christmas and that thing with the us and nuclear missiles.

I worry for people sometimes.

PS: What's up Springfield. I'm in Urb town (more oftenly called Urbana).
Here's a flip on your question. It's something I said. But on purpose:

I used to be a lead for a telecommunications company (oh, the love of being on the bottom of the mid-management totem pole). And, on certain days, depending on one's schedule, leads are assigned to be "Head Lead" from time to time. (Basically, a supervisor to the other leads on the floor.) On this specific day, I was such head lead. One operator of ours had a customer who was putting up a fight. Another lead was nearby, so she took the call. When things had to escalate to a higher authority, I took over, and got so frustrated with him--which is a no-no to get angry with the customers,no MATTER how ignorant they may be. When he asked for my name, I said "Paul."


"No, Paul. P-A-U-L. Paul."

"Bob? Can you spell it again?" To which I did.

"Oh, Paul, P-O-L, right?" And again, I spelled it slower, louder, all to wit's end. By this time, other operators around me were laughing and being distracted by this certain call, not paying attention to their own screen. (But it did make me laugh, bringing me back down to calmity.)

Finally, after about the 3rd time, he asked me to spell it phonetically. To which I agreed:

"Paul. P as in Paul-," and I just started cracking up at that moment. Amazingly enough, the guy finally got it when I was done.

This is one of those "Had to be there" moments. Not that funny now that I reminisce. Ah well.
Hahah! Funny stories, I can have "blonde" days like that! :lol: You just hope that some of those people are having an off day, and that they are not really that dumb! :lol:

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