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Identity Politics (1 Viewer)

The problem is us ! The system of politics is a just that , a system of the very people and I deas that have became so removed from our own lives.
If you will not purge the system of the two partys.
What chance have you got of changing it? We have in modern times several times changed completly the partys in control of the government and each time we grow more disillusioned with the results.

The safety of your political institutions has became analalogus to your civil libertys.
This choice you make to go down the path of conformity to the," two party rule" of entrenched anti-Amwericanism.
Is nothing more than a tradition .
It wouldnt be any different then any others like your familys traditions- handed down and repeated exactly as they were. So YOU will also - Simply ; because it feels safe!

It is that sense of fear you must overcome. If you vote the party not you, decides whom will represent you. I promise you as it has been in the past. They will pick someone who more closely holds their views and tows their party line.
We have been doing this voting for the two partys it has been a failure.

For the first time in America we have the sense that it hasnt worked the structure of conformity to our old traditions has failed us too many times.

So I ask you." lets not do the same thing over and over expecting different results". Lets stop the insanity of, Identity politics once and for all.

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