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Idea for a movie (MonkeyJumper)

Time traveler goes back in time like 80,000 years and ends up fighting a gorilla/monkey.

He resorts to having to climb up a tree and fight this gorilla by jabbing it very hard in the face with a make shift sharp wood stick.

Eventually when the thing tries climbing up slow and being more careful hes forced to use metal knives to throw at it and it flees.

Then he tries to take a pop shot at it with a metal spear or something when its resting and it chops off the gorillas toe really pissing it off.

later on, Once again the gorilla being tries to climb up and plans to jump leap and grab a leg no matter what once it gets close enough. But the new metal tip lance really hurts the gorillas arm (more like a beefy climbing monkey but ill keep calling it a gorilla)

But now there is a whole ****load of the guys tools laying around the gorilla and it learns to use tools. And kills the human in 1 hit by throwing his own spear at him.

Then the hominid thing sits and thinks for about 30 seconds and starts to collect the weaponsn and roars.

And so the time loop begins of humans going back in time and teaching hominids how to use war tools.

I guess its kinda like Planet of the Apes except with just 1 ape. With and end insinuating this 1 ape become the "new ape" of all apes. Humans accidentally taught it tool war.
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