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I would appreciate some help with this please


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Sep 30, 2011
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New South Wales, Australia
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I have not played this for a long time. I remember some of the titles from the last time I played, but I have never been able to get the following titles and they still elude me tonight. So, I give up...can anyone help me out please? I need the answers to: death in the circle on the left hand side; the men on the steps; the m&m on the steps; the champagne bottle on the lower right hand side and the woman with the barrel of water. The others I will work on. I have 29 out of the 50. Some are easy and some take a little thought, but those above I just can't get. For some reason this time it is very slow on my computer and I don't know why. I hope no one else has problems.
Anyway, I would appreciate the answers because I know I am never going to get them....I know I am going to kick myself severly when I learn the answers. Thanks in advance. I hope the link works.

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