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I sent an EMAIL to my family & call my brother my attorney


Jan 14, 2005
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I emailed my family telling them all this .....I'm not an eggplant,
I'm not a craw fish , I'm not a lobster . If you touch a craw-fish it will have a reflex , If you touch a lobster it will have a reflex ,

And according to some ultra vegetarians even a eggplant / vegetables have feeling and life but I do not want to live like a craw-fish or a lobster or an eggplant.........May be you do ? It seems George Bush and Tom Delay and the republcan party does at least that how they voted.

OPPS! how stupid can I be thats right this is politics thet would'nt know the truth if if hit them in the face .

They do know pandering Boy O'Boy do they know pandering
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