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I really hope that the educational system is taking proper advantage .....

I'm from the "old school" in that the teachers would assign books or sometimes simply parts of books to read and then write up something that would indicate we got some sort of content from the book. Most of the time it was a matter of issuing orders, that is your assignment is to read this stuff, and it doesn't matter if you are really not interested in it , read it anyhow! what a drag,
NOW we have the web & the land of blogs and students can read several blogs & then write one of their own to communicate a point of view and in my interpretation, this is a very good thing because it helps polish communication skills without having to order the kids to read stuff they are really not interested in.
I can see "school" evolving from the class room & the authoritarian "teachers" to self paced, web-based learning that will lead to better citizens. In the past the "school system" has been accused of being an indoctrination factory with the students being as raw material to be processed by said factory and exiting the end of the line as standardized citizens who all think & act alike.
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