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I Love You

Tomorrow is February 14th, otherwise known as "Valentine's Day". Supposedly a day set aside for sweethearts to dote on one another and tell loved ones how they feel.

Why do people need a special day for this? I find it is much more meaningful if someone tells a person that they are loved/cared for at different times, and for no specific reason.

The words "I love you" seem to lose significance and/or sincerity when said during what I call 'obligatory holidays'.... such as the commercialized gag fest that is Valentine's Day.

If you have someone you love, care about... tell them how you feel when they least expect it.

Nothing worse than not telling someone how you feel... and then something happens and you lose them. Sure, they most times would have known how you felt, but what if they were unsure?

Don't wait... for special holidays... tell them.

Live with no regrets.
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