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I love her and I love God

I will be her shield and sword
Let me not flinch
Even at the wrath of almighty God.

Death, do not separate us
Together and forever,
Let us walk the ordained path
The staircase to the gates of White and Gold

God, you sent her radiance into my poor life
There and then, I loved her
And there, inside that sweet rose
A smile,
And a sparkle of those bright eyes
A mirror of God.

And I finally knew of your dear love
For a dark and broken man.

God, let her have my wings, let her have my light
Let her have my self, let her have my love.

And Father, our God, to thee
May thy Light reach the Nine Hells
May thy Voice ring from the Thousand Heavens
And may thy revered Name be known to the myriad worlds.

Hallowed be thy Name
Sacred be thy Kingdom
And forever and ever be thy Reign.

In Hewbrew, the words for 'man' and 'woman' are only different by letters that alone spell God. Without those letters, without God, you are left with the word for fire.

Bob N

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Nov 17, 2012
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Yet another good one, Congrats!
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