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I just love being a pain in the ASS


Jan 14, 2005
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Well folks I do admit it I do love being a pain in the ASS!!!!!!!! :

Case in point last week I called Boston University and left a message for the dean of the business school I said the people who Produced!!!!!!
BOINK magazine deserver's a HORNARY (SPELL CHECK no help ) Masters degree in marketing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;;

Here's why 1st I should tell you a little bit about BOINK magazine !!!!!.
It's a magazine produce by B.U students it has NUDE collage men & women in it some are girls on girls!!!. some are girls on men!!!, some,are men on men !!,

Well let me tell you ALL t.v news station had it in their news !!!,
All the news papers had it in their news papers

It was on ALL the talk shows !!!!!!!!!.

All this FREE advertising

So tjis is way I give them A master degree in MARKETING!!!

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