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I hear one more top cheater hunted by intertpol has arrived into London.



I hear one more top cheater hunted by intertpol has arrived into London. The ousted Kyrgyz president’s younger son Maxim Bakiyev who had emptied his state’s coffers getting sizable sums made his choice on Britain as the safest place for him! There[s definitely logic to it! It’s the place where his patrons and sponsors are settled. I mean that freak tycoon Berezovsky and British intelligence stubbornly set to establish British dominance in Central Asia… I can’t exclude their involvement and their money in the present ethnical humanitarian catastrophe in Kyrgyz Republic. I believe they want Bakiev’s clan back into power in the country. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if ousted president Bakiyev himself shows up one day in London to claim some ‘expatriate government’….
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