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I can't believe trump's incompetence in winning re-election


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Apr 22, 2019
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It's not that hard. Nixon sure knew how to do it - he would often do things he opposed or didn't care about to score points with the public, while pursuing the things he did care about. We have him confirming this on tape: “Looking back over the past year we have been praised for all the wrong things: Okinawa, SALT, germs, Nixon Doctrine. Now [we are] finally doing the right thing.” “I don’t give a damn about SALT; I just couldn’t care less about it.”

What would help trump win re-election is to take the edge off his polarizing behaviors most voters oppose, and doing things voters want.

He's understood how to dangle a 'middle class tax cut'. He talked in 2016 about raising taxes on the rich. How hard would it be for him to trot those out before this election? He always says he's for protecting pre-existing condition coverage; instead of taking action on that, he's in court fighting to repeal it.

He could do things to protect Social Security and Medicare; instead he's trying to cut them.

He's just showing great incompetence on the politics. President are generally going to go to lengths on policy, sometimes lying, for their re-election. trump is already a pathological liar, but he doesn't seem to be telling the lies to help him win re-election.

It's not as if his doing those things would cost him his voters - they're cultists. But it would help with the biggest group, independents. It's just huge incompetence in the politics. Instead of his trying to look better, he's refusing to criticize Putin for his bounties on US troops and murders of political opponents and journalists. He'd continuing to double down on terrible handling of the virus. It's bizarre incompetence.
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