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I Believe...


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Oct 5, 2005
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Under The Northern Star, Alaska
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This is a thread based on that song/game that the Blue Collar Comedy Guys made up. For those of you who don't know the game, here's the history, then the rules.

History - Short and slightly sweet
The Blue Collar Comedy Guys consist of 4 redneck comedians: Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White (Tater Salad), and Larry the Cable Guy. When on one of their Blue Collar Comedy Tours they invented a song called I Believe...

Now obviously we can't sing it, but we can write it! You start off your post with: I Believe... [Place Belief Here].
Here is an example (that Jeff Foxworthy made up): "I Believe... that if you ain't got nuthin' nice to say, then you must be talking about Hillary Clinton."
Another example (by Ron White): "I Believe... I'll have another Scotch!"
I hope you've gotten the point now. It's just to be funny. No harsh insults or anything like that. And no more than 3 beliefs per post, why? I dunno.

Anywho, here's my belief:

I Believe... That when Galen rocks, he doesn't rock hard. Instead he rocks soft, like some ancient Elvis Pressly fan in a wheelchair. LOL
oooh, I like this, Donkey!!

I believe....chicken is better on Thursdays. (don't ask, it's a joke from my tech school days of the Air Force)
I believe...worldwide destruction and the holding hostage of the earth by one nuclear superpower is imminent...
I believe....... that one day we will eventually evolve back into single celled organisms.
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