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I Am So Proud, My Dad's Letter


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Nov 24, 2009
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> Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2010 14:15:56 -0700
> Lloyd and my friends,
> I could not agree more. By not labeling these cowardly swine as to
> what they were, murderers, a whole elaborate propaganda logic for war
> against a religion was and is being made. To paraphrase Rudyard
> Kipling, "If you asked us why we died; it's because our fathers lied."
> , Wars that have cost us all the wasted lives of so many brave men and
> women far beyond that of the original crimes.
> I am at a loss to know who are the greater criminals. The perpetrators
> of these original unspeakable acts or those whole who manipulated these
> outrages to pursue useless punitive wars and promote their agendas.
> Beck and the others of his ilk deeply disgust me. I don't know if you
> caught any of the March of Time reruns from the 1930's, and '40's on
> TCM Sunday. I remember them vividly. Some of them documented the rise
> of the Nazi scum in Germany. My father and mother were horrified
> and discouraged by not only what was happening in Europe at the time,
> but the hate that simultaneously was growing here in America. It took
> a World War and the lives of a half a million of our men and women to
> quiet our braying hate mongers.
> Now they are back. Awful. Awful.
> (Did you check out the New Yorker Article on the Koch Brothers?)
> Dick
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> Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2010 1:54 PM
> MAGNIFICENT, from a Muslim in Riverview, Mich.
> To the Editor:
> Thank you for the principled stand that The New York Times has taken on
> this subject. I am a Muslim, but above all else I am an American. In
> addition, I am a prosecutor. Every day I work tirelessly to put away
> criminals and pursue justice.
> The people who committed the horrible acts of 9/11 are murderers,
> regardless of what religion they allegedly follow. Criminals come from
> all kinds of backgrounds and from all religious followings. Whether the
> criminal is Jewish, Christian or Muslim, we should never judge the
> entire religion.
> There is a part of me that is deeply hurt and saddened by the reaction
> of my fellow Americans regarding the building of this mosque. I hope
> that one day, America will view Muslims as fellow Americans.
> Mahmoud M. Awad
> Riverview, Mich., Sept. 3, 2010

Dad's a lifelong Republican, a veteran and a member of the ‘Greatest Generation.’ Occasionally I find myself talking him down from his anger at the latest Republican antic. For example, he was incensed when Republican operatives collected his Church's membership directory. I had to agree with him on that.
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