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I Agree! One More Gun Law


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Feb 1, 2010
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The national leftist anti-gun media is having another field day advertising an inanimate object, (the gun), as the villain of another mass murder by another crazed religious maniac. They’re touting the Orlando shooting as “Americas worst mass killing since 9-11" Of course they use the 9-11 tragedy as their benchmark for deciding their sensationalist proclamation because again of course that way they can ignore the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 where no gun was used to murder 168 people and injure 680 other people with a fertilizer bomb.

Democrats will never pass up an opportunity to politicize and attack the “villain” gun. Democrats are filibustering the Senate for more gun laws. Obama and Hillary Clinton are making speeches advocating more gun laws.

I agree! There should be one more gun law. Outlaw gun free zones and legalize ”carry” everywhere nationally.
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