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Hysterical, wait, no, Historical Rant.

The reason I'm writing this blog is twofold, firstly, 'cause it's 2am and I can't sleep, secondly 'cause I'm watching a movie about John Curtin, and his time as PM during WW2, and it's got me thinking about the Australian dependence on America defence-wise. This has nothing to do with anti-Americanism, most of you are good people, so, if you're stupid enough to read the rest, don't take it as that, as it isn't.

Prior to WW2, we depended upon Britain as our sole protector, as a nation with a (relatively) small population, and a large, empty landmass, the fear of invasion and subjugation by a foreign power was one of the major driving factors behind Australia's foreign policy (and domestic policy too), and come WW2, lo and behold, there was a nation with a powerful navy a lot closer than any of our allies, and to add to the fear, they had dark skin, which led an element of racism and xenophobia to the propaganda. We began to closely ally ourselves with America as a direct result of the few actions the British took to help secure out borders, they sent a mere two destroyers to secure our giant coastline, and these were sunk by the Japanese, and this was the main catalyst for the shift in allegiance, and America proved to be more capable than the British at providing for our defence. At the end of WW2, this led to the signing of the ANZUS treaty, which was originally for the Pacific area, but was extended to the Middle East in recent times, the NZ part of the treaty more or less dropped it's ties with the US part over a nuclear boat. However, I believe that the AN-US:)lol:) part of the treaty has lived past it's usefulness, as a nation with large deposits of natural resources, and a strategic position in the Asia-Pacific region, I believe that Australia should take it's defence into it's own hands, we should strive for self reliance, and cement defence relationships with countries that are a bit closer, keep our ties with NZ, and forge stronger bonds with Japan, they are a strong trading partner, and an important ally, but most importantly we should seek to be as independent as possible.

If you really had the patience to read through my semi-coherent rant, congrats on your mental fortitude, or insanity.
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