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Human Rights of Valeriu Pasat Violated!



Please, read this! Being a member of Human rights & Democratization organization, I address PACE and other European rights advocates! How long will human rights keep being infringed in Moldova!? For you information, former defence minister of Moldova Valeriu Pasat was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment after he was convinced of selling 21 battleplanes Mig-29 and other warlike equipment in 1997 which must have done much economic harm to the state as a result. I declare, this affair is only but political and has nothing to do with real happenings! Valeriu Pasat is absolutely clean-handed as he was obeying orders of ex-president Petru Lucinschi. The current cases is purely framed up by president of Moldova in office Vladimir Voronin! Human rights of Valeriu Pasat are being severely violated! He needs your assistance!
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