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HP Bias Towards Iran: Definitive Analysis

Is the Huffington Post’s editorial treatment of Iran biased? Some claim it is, some claim it isn’t, usually depending on their political orientation. Like any other, bias claims have to be based on facts and statistics. Iran 24/07 team analyzed articles concerning Iran over 3 months (February -April 2012). Two immediate conclusions rise from the analysis:

The HuffPost publishes more pro-Iran content than anti-Iran content by a ratio of 4:1.

The HuffPost staff writes less than 40% of all the Iran-related articles, but is responsible for 85% of the pro-Iran articles.

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The articles and our analysis are documented in a file you can download right here- We encourage you to check, review and give us your own opinion on the process. The file consists of article information and links, source (Huffpost/shared media), political opinion reflected and other parameters.

Find this information disturbing? Join our call for a balanced, unbiased coverage of the events in Iran.

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