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Oct 11, 2006
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Hi, I'm Moot. I've been an on and off member of DP for a few years now but I was always half expecting to get banned and didn't think I would last here as long as I have. But here I am so perhaps it's time to officially introduce and say a few words about myself.

I am an artist and I worked in animation for almost 30 years, twenty of which I lived in Los Angeles. I've worked for almost all of the major studios in Hollywood, but mostly Marvel (7 years) and Disney (12 years) and many of the smaller studios doing free lance. About five years ago, my husband and I decided it would be good time to sell our house in LA before the housing market crashed (yes, we saw it coming) and move back to our home state of Utah and to be with our aging parents. It was a good move and the small fortune we made has allowed me to become semi-retired and to do my own art, which is something I have dreamed of doing most of my adult life. My goal now is to have my own gallery showing but these damn politicals forums are so distracting and addicting that it might be awhile. At one time, I thought maybe I could incorporate my love of politics and my art and do political cartoons. But after submitting my work, I was told by several editors that I was too mean. LOL

On a more personal note, I've been told I look like Sarah Palin. lol My husband is an electrical engineer, and while we both come from a large family, we don't have any kids of our own, instead we have a Macaw, which is kinda like having to take care of a two year old for the rest our lives. Gods little cosmic joke on us for not having kids, I suppose. But I love my life, I love my husband, I love my friends and family, and I love my bird, and I love our new house, and I really couldn't ask for more. Except maybe peace on earth and goodwill towards men, but that might be asking too much these days. I am a left leaning registered Independent. I would have preferred Hillary over Obama, but I am glad he won over McCain. But I still think Hillary should have won.

Welcome aboard, Moot.
Glad you're here, Moot!

Regards from Rosie
Thank you all, it's nice to be here.
Welcome. :peace
Welcome to DP Moot from a fellow artist…part-time. :2wave:
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