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How Will Democrats run America?


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Aug 27, 2005
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Face it, the Dems havent had a good idea in ages, so have become Republican Lite, and they dont do a very good job of that either. An example is their version of the 1994 Contract with America. the following comprise the laws they intend to pass in their attempt to clone what was a good Republican program:

The Democrats New Improved Revised Contract with America 2.1.

1. The It's the Economy, Stupid, Part 2 Act.

2. The Stop Shooting Ourselves in the Foot Act.

3. The "Common Sense" Don't Invade Countries that had Nothing to do with 911 Act.

4. The We Don't Hire Buddies' Roommates (Kennedys Excepted) Act.

5. The Health Care Good-Oil Companies Bad Act.

6. The Clinton Aura Restoration Act.

7. The Stop Whining Already Act.

8. The Fiscal Responsibility, No, Really, Act.

9. The Promise to Remember We Are Not Republicans Act.

10. The Never Run Another Effete Intellectual from Massachusetts for President Ever Again Act.

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