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How to Win at Risk(The Game)

There is the infuriatingly difficult board game, which maybe not all of us have played. But if you have played the game Risk, produced by the Parker brothers, then you know how chaotic and crazy it can get. It's almost like trying to conquer the world for real in it's difficulty. Well, in a sense.

And naturally, there have been plenty of people who would tell you that the best way to win at the game is to mount your forces, build them up, and overwhelm your opponents with superiour numbers. Haha, yeah right. Nice try, mister ameteur. What planet did you beam down from?

The worst thing you can do is hole up in australia. Here's the game board:

Now, in the game, some player's think that australia is the best place to start out with, because it is neigh near impossible to conquer. You can crash against the shore's from here to high heaven, ain't but one way in to to the island down under. Well. You're wrong. There is a strategy for winning when you start out on that godforsaken rock, but it's not for ameteurs. Austrailians get only TWO Reinforcements per turn for controlling the continent. Which means that if you're austrailia, you ain't conquering anybody anytime soon.

What's more, there's only one way in, and one way out. And looking out across the pond, guess which bad boy is sitting right across from you with a hard on chubby like a prison cell mate with 6 years of bad luck? That's right, Asia. I hope you like staying in one place my friend, because you ain't going Nowhere.

Now, the beginner's course, is to occupy first of all, south america, and here's why: South america has 3 ports of entry: Hostile enemies in North america, Europe, and Africa.

All three of these enemies, however, have 4 ports of entry, thus four enemies to contend with: The Norteamericanos have Europe to the east, Asia to the west, Africa to the south-east, and of course, you to the south. Europe has Asia, North A. Africa, and South A. And Asia has everybody but you.

Note: You are the only continent that doesn't have to deal with the friggin Asian hordes breathing down your neck.

South america get's 5, count em, 5 Infantry per turn. That's one more than North America, Two more than Europe. And 2 less than Africa. But africa get's hit the hardest by the hordest.

Simply put, South america is the way to go. So, your strategy: It may seem wise to leave your african port of entry unguarded, seeing as how they will be the weakest from defending themselves from Asia, but NOT SO! Every single 5 man bonus you get, put on territory numero dos! Only extract troops to defend your second border!

*correction* I just now am realizing that the game board I use at home and the map I am using on this article are different. It seems that my edition added extra ports of entry. Strange. From this point forward, I will use the edition of the online map.

Now then, you want the equivelent of a BFG of troops. Once the other power's have worn themselves down fighting. You simply sweep northward and conquer North America. Then, with the added bonuses, you repeat the proccess, this time, however, with africa. And then with europe. Finally, you attack Asia from the east with North american troops, at the same time, the west with European troops, and at the same time, the southern africans.

What becomes of the Australians? The grandmaster of risk will have bided his time in Australia throughout the entire game, parlaying his paltry two men into a massive force of millions and millions of men. Your millions and his millions will collide in an epic battle that will, ultimately, tear a hole in the fabric of the space time continuum. Then skynet will form, and everyonen will die. Now go **** yourself.


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Nov 25, 2008
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Have you played the PC game version? There is a real time mode, which breaks away from the traditional turn based scheme (which is also available as a mode in-game).
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