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How to sell a bridge

How to sell a bridge - Part 1 – (Buyer beware)


The bridge description
It’s the job of every politician who ever existed to sell you the route to the Promised Land. From 20th century Stalin to Hitler and in the modern era, from Bush to Obama - deconstruct their script written speeches and they all promise a Utopia. As there has never been a Utopia, Promised Land or equality, what they’re trying to sell you in American euphemism is a bridge; but this particular bridge doesn’t even exist. Tens of millions of dollars poured into a circus like, media controlled, razzmatazz election campaign, simply provides the illusion it does.

The Consumer Protection Act


If a political manifesto is the product, the political speeches are the advertisements selling it. The difference with Obama is he tried to sell you socialism and cultural Marxism, but had to disguise it with ‘change you can believe in’ and ‘fundamentally changing America.’ He’s not to blame, no one would have voted for him otherwise. What you voted in was a Democratic and photogenic black, hip and cool, but what you got was (European) socialism and (communist) cultural Marxism.

Read the instructions, especially the small print
Having been voted in he then subtly changed the narrative and insists he’s the people’s choice. If it all goes well he becomes the ‘second Messiah’, but if it goes wrong, it’s not his fault, YOU the people voted for it; he was just answering the call and that’s the difference between trying to sell you something now and later not taking responsibility for a broken product.
Meanwhile, he gathers in as Czars, (Czars? Where have we heard that term used before), all the left wing radical socialist, communists and left over 60’s oddballs he can find and hopes you won’t notice.

It’s Christmas


In the west, the majority of people no longer listen; with three minute attention spans, (hence the easily digested soundbites) and a narcissism based on rights without responsibilities, they briefly look and if it appears nice and is neatly packaged, they buy it. It’s only when they tear off the glossy wrapping that they notice they’ve been sold a worthless item, without a guarantee, but there’s no taking it back as it was sold as a four year non-refundable item.

Beware: This product may contain nuts
People vote in what appeals in that era and place and so it comes as no surprise that in a modern social liberal democracy, America now has a former left wing political activist President; just as it is no coincidence that Germany voted in an extreme nationalist after being plundered by the Versailles Treaty, or a communist in Russia to end an autocratic Monarchy in an era of absolute poverty.
By its very nature, every ideology seeks to ‘fundamentally change’ society, the answer lies not in change, or even what it replaces, but what it produces.

True or false, acceptable source to some but not others; the content is wide ranging and interesting.
Obama facts
A guide to the American left

How to sell a bridge –Part 2. (The cult of the personality)


Stalin.Long live Comrade Stalin, leader of the oppressed throughout the world, Hurrah!’
"The war proved that the Soviet social system is a genuinely people's system, which grew up from the ranks of the people and enjoys their powerful support . . ."

‘O great Stalin, O leader of the peoples,
Thou who broughtest man to birth.
Thou who fructifies the earth,
Thou who restorest to centuries,
Thou who makest bloom the spring,
Thou who makest vibrate the musical chords...
Thou, splendour of my spring, O thou,
Sun reflected by millions of hearts.’

Hitler. ‘One Reich, One People, One leader.’
"This is the period of four years which I asked the German people to grant me for the purpose of putting my work to the test and submitting it to their judgment . . ."

‘Now Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign,
Your children have waited to see,
The morning will come,
When the world is mine,
Tomorrow belongs to me.’

Obama. ‘Yes we can, yes we did.’
"It was built by working men and women who dug into what little savings they had to give five dollars and ten dollars and twenty dollars to this cause . . . This is your victory. I know you didn’t do this just to win an election and I know you didn’t do it for me . . ."

‘He said red, yellow, black or white,
All are equal in his sight,
Mmm, mmm, mm!
Barack Hussein Obama.’

This is how it all started everywhere else, with an otherwise innocuous song and a smile.

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