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how to save the world


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Jul 16, 2010
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a simple nutrition test and curriculum can be provided online to tell people what they would need to know to stay healthy, and tell them what they would want to know. This would cut the costs of medical bills by a lot. Passing such a test every now and then could be a way to qualify for health insurance cheaper than the nation has ever known. Perhaps people could be required to pass the test every few months to make sure they know the information
Our farming subsidies are almost inversely proportional to the Scientific Food Pyramid. Making it more proportional would make people eat better. That would drastically reduce all healthcare costs, which cost this nation 2.3 trillion dollars in 2006
Free and total healthcare for everyone under the age of 22 - equal opportunity is the one thing that makes this country great. It would be a huge break for a lot of companies.
collective bargaining would be good.
Tort Reform: Apparently only 5 percent of doctors are the reason for about half of all malpractice lawsuits, so let's just find a way to get rid of them early on (not too sure about the feasibility. If I could just talk to the man, I'd ask governor Howard Dean to head that up)
oil is one of the main reasons we have a trade deficit, and driving is one of the main causes of global warming. massive advertising for public transportation (ideally we should have a much larger infrastructure of environmentally safe alternative transportation, like bio diesel buses. We'll all have to start using mass transit more often. a gas tax to pay to make public transportation cheaper than motor vehicle would be ideal. maybe we should only implement said gas tax in areas where a comprehensive public transportation infrastructure has been set up. Above 60 miles per hour fuel efficiency drastically decreases, so we should publicly advertise fuel efficient driving: below 65 on the freeway, slow starts, slow stops, etc. Perhaps we should actually enforce the speed limit on the freeway, although there would have to be a massive ad campaign to tell people why. "... and the question will be, can you afford to drive... over sixty five?" or the president could just address the nation and tell people about the enforcement, and why.
Burning coal is how we get half our electricity and it's the number one contributor of greenhouse gasses in the United States. So we need more solar panels. We already give tax credits worth 30% of the solar panel price tag. We need to go one step further and ensure that everyone with solar panels get a nearly fair market value for all the electricity they produce past what it takes to cancel out their energy bill. we should increase the tax credits for businesses that buy solar panels because it could really help the economy.
Social Security: Taper benefits, allowing people to opt out. Maybe someone will come up with some sort of creative way to cheaply reward or honor those that opt out.
Force major networks to air debates for governor races at choice time spots, because it is important.
Hemp: It should be easy enough to legalize industrial hemp wherever medical marijuana is legalized.
make it so that all new roofs must be white. they don't cost any more than usual and it would cut down on energy costs and help fight global warming by reflecting light back out into space. yes, that's a real thing.
Social Reforms
Drinking age – 22. it will lead to less underage drinking, and to better developed brains for those who hold off on drinking as a result.
Years to report rape – 13 (currently 6). There are many reasons why a rape victim might not come forward to accuse their attacker, and the only reasonable amount of time to allow them to do so is 13 years.
Youngest age to-be-wed/of-consent: 18 (nationally). we should also put pressure on other nations to change this to the age of consent/marriage as well, once we have the moral and economic high ground again.
Prisons/jails: Vegetarian meals only with multivitamin supplements, conditional newspaper subscriptions (none for felony sex offenders for 5 years), hand picked classic novels (OK for sex offenders). Jail inmates (as opposed to prison inmates) should only have information concerning their charges released on a need-to-know basis in order to insure respect from jail employees.
Internet & Porn – Require ID verification for all sites with nudity. We may need a nationwide firewall to keep out free porn. Apparently Sweden has a great filter for illegal porn, maybe we can expand that for our purposes. We'd definitely regain the moral high ground in the eyes of God and the world. That alone would make it worth it, but I hope we get to tax the hell out of it (literally) too.
make it so that single men and gay/male couples can no longer adopt. The vast majority of all sexual assaults are perpetrated by men. Men not being able to adopt just means this game of Russian Roulette called adoption is using less bullets, because adopting is a priviledge, not a right. If the parents didn't think it was a priviledge, you wouldn't want them adopting. And with the other money saving solutions in this book we should be able to take better care of children in orphanages... we might save enough to insure care for the several more years orphans might need it (the radio told me there was a 50% chance they would end up homeless).
We can teach about the damage done by rape and sexual assault in comprehensive, uniform, health classes, which really need to be taught in 6th grade. and we can tell these kids that if they do any of these things, they will probably get beaten up for years and years. but the comprehensive health class will take a lot of research. This health class will include things I don't remember learning in school, like how herpes goes through condoms, and syphilis completely deteriorates your brain but can be easily fixed if caught early on, and the class should show the one hour HBO special I saw on meth, which could keep ANYONE from ever doing it, and teach how endorphin receptors build up a resistance when you flood them by doing drugs so that everything else in your life becomes less satisfying. It should also teach about how doing heroine is supporting terrorism. We could teach about how bad meth and heroine and how bad crack is(really demonizing those three in particular). I also don't remember learning that our brain isn't done developing for the most part until we're about 25 years old, and It's best not to do any drugs until age 25, if at all. we should have this
Let's make murder in the first just 15 to life, no time for pot possession, free up some room for longer sex offender sentences. and put all drug fines on a sliding scale. make the length of time one can't drive after a DUI 1.5-3 years for first offense, nationally.
As soon as we succeed in teaching how stupid smoking pot is in school, give hefty fines instead of jail for possession (nationwide). decriminalization will help localize it so we don't have it coming across the border and we're not supporting drug people which f* up their homeland and drive the illegals over here. localize pot, and you'll be effectively fighting the entry of illegal aliens into this country.
Honestly, pot is the one drug people really feel is OK and if we decriminalize and localize it we'll have an easier time going after the heavier importers, morally anyway, so we'll have God on our side.
And while pot does not necessarily make you a good person, it does sedate the criminal element to a certain extent.
Fighting heroin addiction would be fighting the war on terror (and the smaller war on petty theft). All we have to do in the war on terror is take away enough drug money so that the national army troops and police in Afghanistan are paid more than their terrorist counterparts. What we want to do is make it really easy to quit and really hard to sell, without making it any easier to use.
There should be comprehensive anti-heroin literature in jail cells of heroin users/dealers. Maybe people could write in ideas, like an ongoing contest for what would be in the literature.
We should also have excessive amounts of state run heroin detox centers of various kinds for anyone that wants to free themselves from a heroin addiction. Maybe we should make it the law that every one could get two weeks a year for cold turkey detoxing without being fired from their job. Although the employer could call it vacation time, if they haven't used up their vacation time yet. I'm not too sure about that, but remember, we're fighting terrorism by cutting demand for heroin.
low interest government loans to support a person as they learn to do a certain job from a list of jobs important to society, with interest rates for the loans depending on how in demand the job is relative to others on the list. More in demand jobs getting lower rates, and so forth. there will definitely be more jobs then there were before. maybe do it in the form of more apprenticeships.
Gay marriage – we should let all civil unions get at least 12 more rights that I can think of, but I wouldn't legalize gay marriage. If it was legalized, I wouldn't try to change it just because it's not important. I say, call a truce for 10 years because it's holding us back.
Those 12 rights are:
1. Joint adoption (if both parents are women, because we should make it illegal for men to adopt)
2. Status as "next-of-kin" for hospital visits and medical decisions
3. Right to make a decision about the disposal of loved ones remains
4. Immigration and residency for partners from other countries
5. Domestic violence protection orders
6. Judicial protections and immunity
7. Public safety officers death benefits
8. Spousal veterans benefits
9. Social Security
10. Wrongful death benefits for surviving partner and children
11. Bereavement or sick leave to care for partner or children
12. Child support
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