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How to make a poll


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Feb 12, 2005
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Select post new thread. Make a title for your poll.

You will see "Post a poll" under the message area. (Additional Options below)
Click on "Yes, post a poll with this thread". Select # of options (you can add more in next step if needed)

Fill out your message normally and submit.

After you submit, you will be asked to fill in the poll question and the answers to pick from.

When you are done, hit submit.
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1.Take a straight length of any material. Bury it deep enough perpendicular to the surface of the earth to keep it upright, wala, you got yourself a poll.
2.Take a male poll, a female poll, breed them, 9 months later, wala, you got yourself a poll.
3.How the hell should I know, ask Squawker.
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