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How to deal with immigration?

What to do about immigration (particularly in California)

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Oct 25, 2005
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I am a legal immigrant, (from Italy) I have earned my status and role in this country as legitimately as anyone else. I agree there is a problem and it ought to be addressed. Being rational and empathetic human beings, we need to find an economically feasible and humane way to deal with it. I don’t think increased military presence is going to make a very big difference. While more stringent legislation and repercussions for offenses is necessary, I’m not sure it will work as a deterrent factor. So a guest working program, or a system that allows people to feel as if they have options that are less risky and lead to more long term sustainability would make people think twice before risking their lives to enter this country. Once a viable alternative has been offered, then you increase security and stringently punish those who violate the program.

What do you guys think?
How to deal with immigration?

I have some ideas on how to deal with immigration

1)Fine and or imprision employers who hire illegals.If they are a repeat
offender then confiscate their property the same way that is done to
drug dealers who buy property with drug money.

2)Deny tax payer funded services to illegals and their children.

3)Ban charieties from helping illegals.

4)Ban home owners from renting or selling property to illegals,Also set occupancy limit per house based on number of rooms and square
enforce it

5)Ban bankers from doing business with illegals.
a.Treat them the same way we do drug dealers who buy property with
drug money.

6)Deny any identitification and driver licenses to illegals,they should not
be here in the first place.those things are for legal immigrints and

7)Make it illegal to assist illegal aliens in any way.

8)Ratify the constituition to where citizenship by birth will only be given to
children of Americans.

All these eacted/enforced together will make it totally undesireable for illegals to come here.The only thing we would need border guards after that is to catch drug dealers.
Allow armed citizens to patrol the border and shoot on sight anyone crossing over, under or through any border fence. Refuse medical treatment.
Allow armed citizens to patrol the border and shoot on sight anyone crossing over, under or through any border fence. Refuse medical treatment.

That is a great idea.
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