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How the stars get fit for the Emmy Awards

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Mar 22, 2010
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Just kidding :roll:

With the Emmy Awards just days away, celebrities are kicking it into high-gear to make sure their bodies are in tip-top shape before they hit the red carpet. Celebrity trainer Jarett Del Bene — whose clients include Lindsay Lohan, "Hills" alum Lauren Conrad and "Dancing With the Stars' "Karina Smirnoff— tells UsMagazine.com how to replicate their A-list workout.
"For the Emmys, some of them may have slacked during the summertime because of vacations and due to just having fun. Not everyone can stay consistent," he tells Us. "Then you do a quick shape up workout plan to get in shape in a matter of three to five weeks."

How do his clients do it?
"When you have to get ready in a short period of time you should definitely be low on carbs and kick up the intensity of your cardio workout — boxing, Stairmaster, running, biometrics," Del Bene says.
Though he typically recommends his clients work out three days a week and do three hours of cardio per week, he urges them to add one to two more hours of card several weeks before appearing at an awards show.
"The biggest thing for awards show is that you have to shock the body. Step up the cardio and switch up the workout routine," he says.

According to Del Bene — whose clients also include "Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev and "Pretty Little Liars' " Shay Mitchell — varying the workout routine is crucial to seeing results more quickly.
"For those five hours that we're doing cardio per week, one day we'll do a kickboxing session, the next day we’ll go running or for a hike in the hills, and then the next day we’ll do some biometric training, like jump squats, box jumps, agility drills with cones," he tellsUs.

CONTINUED: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/38883688/ns/today-entertainment/#
You forgot to add cocaine.
They also go for the colon cleanse and a few more surgeries. I would seriously hate to be that vapid.
Maybe we should start drug testing entertainers who use drugs to enhance their bodies. After all, there are plenty of actors and actresses that probably want to break through but they can't compete with other top entertainers without using performance enhancing substances.
You know all that work for them losing weight and I wasnt really impressed with any of them. I find much more beauty from women outside of Hollywood.
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