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How The Republican Party is Failing Young People (1 Viewer)


LETS FACE FACTS! Republicans don't have the funding that democrats have. As I've covered previously, George Soros has been decisively dropping millions into local District Attorney elections in order to put forward individuals that will weaken local policing - why? Because Soros has previously advocated for a FEDERAL police force...

Say for example, San Diego - he dropped a solid million to try and swing that district attorney election; because the voter base is so small most DA elections only have 100K or so being spent. But for Billionaire Soros, dropping a million dollars to swing an election is a drop in the bucket.

But what's the state of politics because of this?

Young people within the democratic party can very easily be hired into a Political Action Committee or PAC, to push left wing policies. Better yet they may find themselves employed at a Super PAC in order to be payed protesters or sew division in Republican safe spaces - trust me, I've been to the interviews.

Go on any job search site and look for jobs in "politics" and through veiled language like "Help push a progressive future for America" - these PACS attract 18 year old democrats to do nothing less than sew division and discord among republicans. At one interview in particular I went to, I was told I'd be expected to go onto online forums and discussion sites to push that "progressive message" by any means necessary. In other words, as a democrat go online and say "As a republican I find Trump to be the worst" and all the other nonsense.

Obviously the democrats have bad practices, but lets look at Republicans...

CRICKETS. The republican party has no openings for young people! Sure there are some jobs as unpaid interns, but if you truly want to engage in the world of politics, there's absolutely NO OPENING to do so, as a young republican.

Republicans don't have Soros and compulsory union donations, we've constantly worked with less funding and still found victory. Even in the 2016 election, Trump spent HALF as much as Hillary and still won! Conventional thought would be that big businessmen like the Koch brothers must be funding republicans, but that support has been dying with the move for further border control - why? Because big businesses benefit from immigration driving down wages - the Koch brothers benefit from cheap labour!

All in all, the republican party financially has less resources to toss around, than the democratic party. And because of that, young people like myself speak up in politics for the sake of passion and not wealth. Still, I find it a sad situation that for many young republicans - political action rests on the back burner, because so few opportunities exist for young people to support ourselves off politics. And because of that - I worry that young people are an under-utilized group on the right side of the aisle.

All it takes is one young republican to swing a peer group. Where they can say "I'm an assistant to the senator; answering his mail and taking phone calls" ~ this sort of talk gets people interested in politics. Where yourself and your peers become more active, simply due to knowing someone in that world.

If all your peers work in the service industry, chances are that all your conversations revolve around that industry. On a cultural level, employing more young people will greatly effect what we're talking about. To have one person talk about minimum wage and another talk about the issue of illegal workers in the country lowering wages - do you see what I mean?

Young people talk. And having more young republicans, with politics at the center of their lives, shapes conversations. Another example, the university environment. Add one "Political Science" major to your group of friends and you'll see how the topic of politics comes up more often than before! So simply put -

The Republican Party should devote more resources toward the employment of young people or at least, towards creating a network or republicans that can reach out toward one another for possible employment, a sort of job placement system similar to universities. This will not only bring republicans together as a group, but also have a significant and positive cultural impact that has the potential to swing the next election. Fingers crossed they actually listen to this advice - and thank you for reading.


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