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How the GOP Lost the African American Vote, And Their Civil Rights Reputation


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Feb 9, 2010
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This is a interesting read.

How the GOP Lost the African American Vote, And Their Civil Rights Reputation

Even though I think the columnist leans to the right, I think he did a brilliant job of making a case for the GOP.

As a African American male, I think that the GOP is missing a huge opportunity to recruit the black vote. I think instead of screaming from Mt Olympus about how bad things are. Why don't the GOP go into the community and bring their message to the people.

Express what you think is wrong with the democratic plan and at the same time offer up solutions. People are more open to hearing "Hey the democrats plan is flawed and here is why. Now this is our solution to the issue" VS "You people are the problem and you need to get off your lazy butts and get to work". You fall into generalizing the whole minority group as lazy. And it is insulting to the voters who are working hard to provide for their family like myself. You make it easy for the democrats to take the votes away.

Chris Christie has the idea. He has conservative values that are strong, but he also takes his message down into the communities in New Jersey. This is why he has high approval ratings among blacks.

Now I know some of you are going to say some nasty things regardless of what I say. But I hope this can end up being a productive discussion.

Just my two cents....
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