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How stuck in your ways are you?


Dec 29, 2004
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I was wondering if people would please post what someone who opposed them on an issue would have to do to win them over?
You would have to show me a few reliable sources from my side who agreed with the information provided. That may or may not change my mind. lol
As for how 've changed as a result of this forum, I'd say I've only become more radical, after seeing how you on the right think. Not quite what I expected.
I try to keep an open mind and listen for logical arguments. If it passes logical scrutiny, I'll re-think my position and have at times, changed it.
Excellent question.
I kinda denied to myself that I have not changed any positions, but I think I have.

FOXNews, I rarely watch them anymore. For that matter, I rarely watch news on TV anymore. My TV used to be on FOXNews all day.

I am defiantly more open to gays - hard to believe after reading my posts, but some very valuable points have been made. I have come to have a deeper respect for our gay members. My position on gay marriage has not changed. I remember when I made the gay marriage forum thinking I would have a much harder time dealing with the topic. To me, it has become one of the most interesting due to the maturity of the posters.

Terri's case has brought an enlightening experience. Before creating this forum, I would have immediately listened to the news and by all accounts believed them. Now that I have researched it more, I came to my own conclusion. My opinion on this subject is not popular among the conservative crowd.

There is a few more, will share them as this thread progresses.
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