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How right-wing propaganda might help the US, if it doesn't result in tyranny


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Apr 22, 2019
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There is a threat in the world that doesn't get much attention; that threatens the population's freedom more than war, that is an arch-nemesis of democracy and American values.

Covid originated in the US. Just ask over 1 billion Chinese people. Russia is defending itself in Ukraine against NATO aggression. Just ask 75% of Russians. The 2020 US presidential election was stolen and Biden is an imposter president. Just ask 2/3 of American Republicans.

That threat is the power of media control and propaganda; usually but not necessarily state-run.

Americans ignore and take for granted where it dominates other countries like China (nearly 100%) and Russia (90%), where it's largely too late. The populations are largely under the sway despite thousands in Russia protesting this war, 75% agreeing with the state propaganda.

We think 'we're safe'. But the US itself has massive propaganda systems that dominate public opinion on targeted issues. Look at climate change - where the oil industry spent a fortune on hundreds of propaganda organizations and has successfully prevented unity in the public on the issue.

It can do the same on essentially any issue it wants; it's about a massive political industry, where 'dark money' from partisan interests, including right-wing billionaires, fund a machine with organizations for propaganda such as Heritage, AEI, Cato, Hoover and others. You might have seen a smaller operation, "PraegerU".

Our 'big tech' industry around media tries to awkwardly navigate the issue - with 'freedoms' one minute, and a backlash against misinformation leading to censorship the next, with unelected companies making decisions affecting the political culture in the US, pressured from all sides including massive manipulators of their products, including the Chinese government.

In other words, our society, our laws, our system, was not set to defend against this. Rights of 'free speech' meant to protect citizens, instead protect powerful propaganda operations designed to mislead citizens. And they work. And there's every reason to expect it to get worse.

We have 'core' strengths on this; a culture and laws about defending the truth and individual freedoms; our journalism industry remains at least largely accurate, despite being slashed in economic power and readers, the rising number of 'fake news' operations, and being the target of attacks; see that 2/3 of Republicans thinking the election was stolen for an example how ineffective they are with much of the country.

The point of this thread, which describes a huge threat, is also to say that the propaganda of these corrupt interests threatening the US, is that if they don't succeed in seizing power and creating an authoritarian state, can play the useful role of helping the US to see the threat they pose and creating changes for the country to defeat them.

A population savvy about the issue, changes to our laws to limit the power of the liars and to protect our honest organizations.

We're not seeing that 'good news' much yet, but right-wing propaganda might help the country strengthen its defenses, before the US becomes more like the other countries essentially under information tyranny.

We seem at a crossroads on the issue, that the country doesn't really appreciate - so much that much of the country has joined the armies of the propagandists. Just as China has armies who defend the government's propaganda, but a small number who recognize the lies and try to oppose them - usually after leaving the country - the US has a split as well. We'll see which side gains strength.
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