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How much of our knowledge is really accurate?

We live in a society where accurate representations seem to be nearly non existent and intentionally misleading others to promote our products or views is common place. Heck seemingly meaningless (in greater scheme of things) things such as a fast food hamburger is misrepresented. When was the last time you received a hamburger that actually looked like the juicy burger in the advertisement? Instead we get a product that generally is half as appealing. What about product advertisements on television. How many times have you ordered that really awesome 3 sided duct tape that can hold a 4500 LBS truck suspended from a crane and also acts as a flotation device in case of a flood only to find the products preforms far short of expectations? Me, im just tired of people portraying things differently then what they really are.

If we cannot get an accurate representation on trivial things how can we expect to really get an accurate representation of the important things in life. In my life experience few people are actually experts on any given subject yet we are full of knowledge that consists of half truth, bias, misleading facts, or out right wrong/false information. I feel we are in a constant state of manipulation by those in society who gain from our misguided selves.

Yes this post is really rather pointless. It was just one of my mind wondering moments. I just wish that someone out there would tell things true, it seems to be a rarity these days. A life where you could take things at face value and know you are getting what you expect or you know a statement is correct would be a miraculous thing.


i think obama is the truth, congress wont let him execute his plan to restore the country. republican media is brainwashing the nation, the only thing they do is skew obamas message, republicans are only for them selves and big buisness and look how that has worked out we are still suffering from it and the bush administration and that is the cold hard truth, and if u follow jesus and the good lord u know the truth sets u free and all real people should realize that
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