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How do to mediatic suicide. Learn how from the Romanian press


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Sep 14, 2012
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So until last year in summer when the ruling party at that time was very unpopular and through popular demand, they stepped down, there was a very good, very professional, pretty good source of information called antena 3 (and Antena trust in general). The reason it was a good source of information is because while it did have an anti-ruling party agenda, it didn't step overboard. So it took the facts and displayed them, and thankfully, the ruling party at that time was so stupid that the facts were against them. No BS, no dibble-dabbing, no changing the facts...

they presented the facts and the facts were against the ruling party because it was incompetent.
The 2 main figures, so like, the most popular media people of that channel who had prime-time TV were Mircea Badea and Mihai Gadea.

They were critical of the administration, again, just based on the facts, entertaining to watch and overall, did a great job informing the public. One of them is more like a Jon Steward personality, as in, he does a one-man show and the other has show with guests and all that. But also does interviews and stuff.

After the former party fell and the new socialist-liberal union came into power... what did they do? Well they stopped ignoring the works of the government. The government and the parliament because the parliament and the government were thoroughly in the hands of the socialist-liberal union, an ungodly monstruosity formed between a solid-left party and a solid-right party that would never exist in any country that had some political integrity. Instead, they kept hammering on and on about the president who is part of the old administration, the one that fell.

For 2 weeks now, there were massive protests in regards to a mining exploitation of the largest gold mine in Europe, Rosia Montana. And of course, the socialists would very much want this project to go on despite some of them saying: NO, because of all the money involved for them... all the money they can pocket easily. So of course, the once informative media, along with the rest of the media who is in their pocket, does the thing that dogs do... they attack the people. They support the less-official position of the government.

I said so before. Romanian media is dead. What was a counterbalance to the propaganda is now the propaganda. What were the propaganda mouthpieces of the old ruling party became the propaganda mouthpieces of the current party.

So you know what? ****'em. ****'em all. **** the politicians. **** the media. **** Mircea Badea. **** Mihai Gadea. **** them all. They are dogs. ****ing rabid dogs who turn on the very people WHO PAY THEIR ****ING WAGES! The people pay the wages of the ****ing politicians. The people watch their ****ing shows on TV and through watching adverstisement they get revenue. Traitors. Idiots. Dogs. That's what they are. All of them.
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